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Airheads Bars Chewy Fruit Candy Variety Pack 60 Count

Looking for a delicious way to sweeten up your airheads bars? check out our chewy fruit candy variety pack 60 counts! This set of 60 characters is all you need to find our unique and unique ingredients to make your airheads bars sweet and delicious.

Best Airheads Bars Chewy Fruit Candy Variety Pack 60 Count 2022

This variety pack includes 60 bars that are chewy and fruit-y. They're located in a chocolately wafer-like material, with a little pink out-of-place on one end. The bars are also? minty. This set comes with a 60-count kit, which contains a total of 6 pieces.
this variety pack of airheads bars contains 60 bars that are chewy and sweet. They are a fun and delicious way to enjoy the taste of fresh fruit!
the airheads bars chewy fruit candy is a delicious and healthy variety pack for the trick or treating community. This set of 60 bars has everything you need to make your trick or treating skills a little morestringent. With nice looking fruits that are perfect for the fall season, this set of airheads bars is a great way to make sure your team is getting the energy they need to out trick or treating.